Artemis Bank Information Systems Ltd provides its service Recipients with access to Data representing part of the financial profile of Economic Entities. In compliance with national legislation on Personal Data Protection, the Central Bank of Cyprus guidelines on the conduct of banking activities, and the relevant European Union Directives, the company manages all data under its custody by adopting all necessary measures to safeguard its storage and handling and to control and restrict access and use by unauthorized persons. The company administers all requests from the public as stipulated by the provisions of all relevant legislation.
Towards meeting the requirements of the company’s service Recipients and of the public at large, and in compliance with legislation and the constant improvement of its procedures, the company has documented and adopted procedures based on the ISO 9001 standard, thereby creating a Quality Management System. Procedures ensure standardisation and homogeneity in servicing both its service Recipients and the public in general while also upholding transparency with respect to all related issues. They also guarantee Database management and the traceability of applications, documents and all other information communicated to persons. Rules and practices employed provide for the creation and use of Key Performance Indicators with respect to both the quality of service offered to the Recipients and the general public as well as internal procedures. Management is committed to the constant upgrading and improvement of the Quality Management System’s effectiveness, regularly setting improvement targets and unfailingly monitoring their accomplishment.
In addition to the Quality Management System, the company also maintains and implements an ISO 27001 standard-based Information Security Management System. This System safeguards both company information and all data relating to Economic Entities. Both the Quality Management System and the Information Security Management System benefit from the use of by common backup procedures and internal control rules.