By harnessing the power of digital information,
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Artemis Credit Bureau

By unlocking the potential of digital information collection and processing, we are constantly developing the most reliable sources of information on financial behaviour, helping our clients and consumers to make more informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Your financial prosperity
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Our clients and us

Today, every bank and credit acquiring company which falls under the provisions of the relevant Central Bank Directive is our client and at the same time participant to our mission.

By turning the wealth of digital information into useful supportive tools, we provide our clients with the necessary data that enable them to make informed decisions with greater certainty and to serve their own customers more efficiently.

Consumers and Us

We provide every individual and any business with access to all information related to their credit profile via their Credit Report, helping borrowers to get their full financial picture.

In turn, this enables them to make informed decisions in a more prudent and substantiated way and manage their credit obligations properly.

Credit Report

A Credit Report is your credit history recording your facilities in banks and credit acquiring companies, whether you are an individual or a business. It is a detailed report that includes information about all the credit facilities that have been granted to you, and at the same time a record of your financial behaviour, i.e. whether you are meeting your financial obligations towards your creditors or not.

The significance of a Credit Report in today’s market

It today’s markets, a consumer’s Credit Report is important for financial institutions since is used as a necessary supportive tool for assessment of current and prospective customers’ creditworthiness.

Your credit profile can determine your present and future. Find out exactly what it is and how you can access it.

Credit Report
Sample for
Individuals & Businesses

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