Useful advice

We borrow responsibly and always within the framework of our financial capabilities.

If you’ve got any issues meeting your repayment plan, let the credit institution you cooperate with know immediately.

Before submitting your application for a credit facility from a financial institution, you should be aware of your credit profile, i.e. how you manage your loan obligations.

Remember that any overdue payments may incur additional charges.

As Borrowers, make sure that you are properly informed about your rights and obligations.

Make sure you are fully informed about and you have thoroughly evaluated the terms and conditions before you guarantee a loan.

Borrowing is a facility and it does not enhance your real financial capabilities.

Make sure you meet your payment commitments consistently and on time.

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Did you know…

…that Loans, Credit Cards, Current Accounts with Limit, Leasing, Factoring, Bank Letters of guarantee and letters of credit are all forms of lending.

Before applying for a credit facility from a credit institution, you should consider the following:

Borrowing depends mainly on the borrower's ability to repay the loan.

Your credit history: For example, a good credit history demonstrates to your potential lender that you are indeed repaying the credit facilities for which you are responsible.

Your Income and your employer details.

Your monthly financial commitments.

By signing an agreement you agree to repaying your credit facility as per the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The implications in case you violate the terms and conditions of your agreement with the financial institution.