With your constant progress and development in mind, Artemis Credit Bureau focuses on the needs of today’s market, by transforming the vast information landscape into valuable tools for its customers.

Our clients and stakeholders

As the only Credit Bureau in Cyprus, we undertake very important work towards the public benefit.

Any bank or credit acquiring company that falls under the provisions of the Central Bank of Cyprus Directive on the “Operation of a System or a Mechanism for the Exchange, Collection and Provision of data Directive of 2015”, may become our client and participant to our mission.

Turning information into an ally

Our world is a vast landscape of raw data and information. With the help of digital technology, our role is to collect and process this data, turning it into information that enables you to achieve your goals.

Contributing to your decision making

By providing individuals and businesses with their Credit Reports, we help form a complete picture of the creditworthiness of your clients or prospective clients, so that you are able to act based on accurate data and greater certainty, making informed decisions at any point.

The multifaceted usefulness of a Credit Report

Having the credit profile of any prospective client, individual or business, you are in a position to reduce the financial risk you undertake. At the same time, you have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your clients’ behaviour patterns, capabilities and needs. In this way, you are able to respond to their requests more effectively, building relationships of trust and identifying new business opportunities.

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